Shin Guard

Shield SG 758:

  • Shin guard with breathable fiber mesh and PVC Insert.
  • Stitched with stretchable knitted ankle socks.
  • Additional soft ankle disc cup provided for protection.
  • Size : Large & Medium.




Leopard SG 757:

  • Shin guard made of transparent hard K-Resin shell protection, Lined with EVA backing.
  • Soft stretchable and smooth ankle socks fitted with inbuilt discguards for ankle protection.
  • Attractive multicolored design
  • Different colors available.


Trainer SG 756:

  • The durable plastic shell with 4mm EVA foam provides the best protection.
  • The elastic strap provided with velcro closure for flexible fitting options.
  • Everyday practice shin guards providing the international standards of support and safety.
  • Size : Regular.
  • Different colors available



Veto SG 790:

    •  The durable PVC plastic shell with EVA foam for best
    •  Longer length of shell for complete protection of shin.
    •  Double closure strap for firm grip.
    •  Available in different colors.


Vapour SG 760

  • Detachable metallic look mould in very hard plastic.
  • International style with special three piece shin guard
  • Cushioned with molded eva for extreme fit.
  • Ankle protection with detachable system.



Speedy SG 759

    •  The durable plastic shell with 4mm EVA foam for best protection.
    •  Highly durable and elastic ankle fit with soft disc guards.
    •  Different colors available.

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